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Designer Clothing

Everyone else seems to have their own line of designer clothing. You name it, other celebrities like... Brittany Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Dame Edith. Why shouldn't Dr. Bill and his dive buddy Gary Baldi have theirs as well! You didn't ask for it, but here it is. As another shameless way of making money to finance his dive travel and film work (and possibly even pay the mortgage), Dr. Bill has created the above logo which can be embroidered on just about anything that you suckers will buy! For starters we offer baseball caps, t-shirts and short sleeved fleece jackets at unreasonable prices. In the near future these will be modeled by my gorgeous dive buddies on this page to entice you to contribute to my coffers. Stay tuned!

NEW PRODUCT... DR. BILL'S INFAMOUS FLOW-THROUGH DIVE BOOTIES. These booties are available to discriminating divers who wish to ensure that their feet do not overheat when diving tropical or temperate waters (not recommended for polar regions). These booties are a mere $1,000 per pair. After all, it does take years to create each pair! Order now so you won't be left out in the cold!

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