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Sample Podcasts of Marine Life

Visitors to my website have requested samples of my video footage to allow them to better assess their quality. In response to these requests, I am offering low resolution (320x240) MP4 files suitable for viewing on an iPod or other MP4 player to give viewers a feel for the quality of my full resolution video footage. The first three are available below and include soupfin sharks, the scythe butterflyfish, and mating squid. These are all 60 seconds in length and include narration. Simply click on the image to activate the MP4 (you will need an MP4 capable viewer):

These podcasts will eventually grow into another profit center for Dr. Bill and StarThrower Educational Multimedia as I prepare short 1-2 minute MP4 videos of the many species found in the waters of southern California. Eventually these products will also cover other regions where I have dived and filmed such as the Sea of Cortez and western Caribbean.

Southern California Podcasts Vol. I

This data DVD includes several podcast versions of Dr. Bill Bushing's DVD series "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill." The podcasts are high quality versions in standard 320x240 pixel resolution. These files can be copied directly to a hard drive or to your video iPod to watch (using iTunes on the computer).

Included on this disk are "Munching & Mating in the Macrocystis" (60 min); Gentle Giants: Giant Sea Bass (45 min); Playful Pinnipeds: The California Sea Lion (30 min); Echinoderms of SoCal Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchins, Starfish, Starfish and Brittlestars (22 min each); Cephalopods of SoCal Octopus and Squid (22 min each); Sharks and Rays of SoCal (seven episodes, 22 min each); Wrasses and Basses of SoCal (two episodes, 22 min each) for a total of nearly eight hours of video!

Shows are narrated with scientifically accurate information presented in a non-technical way with a sense of humor making them appropriate for a general audience. Adults and children, divers and non-divers, fishers, boaters and even landlubbers will enjoy learning the natural history of these critters. The award-winning footage has been praised as some of the best representations of the marine life in our waters.

"Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" videos are the result of over 2,000 dives in the waters of southern California's Channel Islands and the mainland. Dr. Bill Bushing is a research scientist and educator who has published over 300 articles, produces a daily cable TV show on marine life and is a well-known figure in the international dive community.

You can purchase this special disk with almost eight (8) hours of video on it for a mere $35 plus shipping ($2.00) and California state sales tax (8.75%) if you live within the State. You can send a check to Dr. Bill Bushing, P. O. Box 849, Avalon, CA 90704-0849 or transfer funds to my Paypal account (user ID If using a credit card on Paypal there will be an additional service charge (contact me).

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