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Custom Full Color Posters

Need an eye-catching image to decorate your office, living room or even bathroom? Why not buy one of Dr. Bill's custom printed full color posters. These are not mass produced items, but actual photographic prints that can be framed to impress your friends. Heck, if you cut off my name and copyright at the bottom, you could even tell people you took the pictures yourself. Just watch out if I happen to catch you because I'll have my copyright lawyer on your case so quickly your head will spin. After all, isn't that the American way... sue, sue, sue (never met the girl myself but I've heard a lot about her!).

These posters are printed from digital files designed to be enlarged to a maximum of 16" x 20" while retaining excellent photographic quality. Custom prints of this size are $35 each plus $5 shipping and handling and $3.06 California sales tax (if applicable). Custom prints to larger sizes retaining the 4:5 image ratio can be arranged. Prints take at least two weeks to produce from time of order.

Custom posters include the following:

  1. Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island (available now)
  2. Black Sea Bass (under development)

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