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Belize It or Not: Overview

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This video features footage of the marine invertebrates, fish and turtles found in the western Caribbean region including Belize and the Honduran Bay Islands. It is intended to serve as an overview showing the common species a diver might encounter in these waters.

These ecosystems are dominated by hard and soft corals and the warm-water species that inhabit them. Species diversity in tropical ecosystems is much higher than in temperate waters. Because of this, marine species often need to develop unique coloration or behavior to allow them to identify other members of their species for mating and other interactions.

Some of the invertebrate species include are the banded coral shrimp, various stony and soft corals, lobster, ancient crinoids, tunicates, starfish, arrow crabs and sea cucumbers. Fish such as the queen triggerfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, tarpon, nurse sharks, cleaner wrasses, parrotfish and great barracuda; and the hawksbill turtle are also represented.

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