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The "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" video series will consist of a series of 22-min episodes on various aspects of kelp forest ecology designed for broadcadst on regional cable TV networks. These episodes will be repackaged into DVD's containing two (44-min total) to seven (154-min total) individual episodes on various aspects of kelp forest ecology. The kelp forest video series is based on underwater footage acquired by Dr. Bill Bushing over the course of more than 2,000 dives in southern California waters. In addition, DVD's on the marine ecology of other bioregions including the Sea of Cortez, Belize-Honduras, SE Asia, the South Pacific, the Red Sea and other interesting dive locations will be produced.

My DVDs may be ordered on-line using PAYPAL with payments made to my account, Be sure to include shipping and California state sales tax of 10.25% (if applicable), your mailing address and the name of the specific DVD or DVDs you are ordering. If you are using a credit card on a Paypal purchase, please add 3% for the additional fee they charge. You may also send a personal check to Dr. Bill Bushing, P. O. Box 849, Avalon, CA 90704 with the same information requested

Note: these videos are produced on DVD-R media which is playable on most home DVD players. Verify that your player can play this format before purchase.

Titles in this series include the following (click on each image below for further information):

The following comments were made by divers who have viewed "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" underwater video footage with a live narration:

  • "[Dr. Bill] was a huge hit! [His presentation] was very informative, well put together and everyone totally enjoyed his presentation. We can't wait to have him return next year. [To] anyone looking for a guest speaker I would highly recommend Dr. Bill." - K.M. and A.M., SSI Dive Con

  • "[Dr. Bill] was amazing! One of (if not the) most well-received speakers we've had. A group of us who were there to hear him actually spent this past weekend diving in Avalon. His presentations were one of the main topics of conversation, especially as we saw some of the creatures and behaviors he pointed out in the videos he showed. I can't wait for him to come back and do another lecture on the other topics he presents on. He truly is one of our great diving resources here in So Cal! - Stacy Friedow, Shark Bait Dive Club

  • "Great presentation. It's really fantastic to see this sort of footage for local diving." - Anastasia Laity, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "I was blown away by [Dr. Bill's] presentation. I personally enjoyed the behavior segments because I've never seen these things before, and they taught me more about the behavior of these species." - Mark Kampe, PADI instructor, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "Dr. Bill's video... was amazing! I never knew some of the behaviors of commonly seen animals... The footage he had was some of the best representation of our local marine life I've seen!" Kaz Aizawa, President, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "My cats come running to the TV every time they hear the sound of Dr. Bill's regulator. "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" is their favorite TV show. They just love to watch the fishes and lick their whiskers. - R.G., Avalon

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