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Black or Giant Sea Bass

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This video features the incredible black or giant sea bass now making a comeback from near regional extinction in southern California. These giants, reaching more than 7 feet long and a reported 800 pounds, were fished in southern California waters for food and sport dating back to the 1800's.

As early as 1910 conservationist Charles F. Holder, co- founder of Avalon's Tuna Club, called for protection. By the early 1970's they had essentially disappeared from our region. The State of California instituted protection for this species from the commercial fishery in 1982 and the sport fishery a year later. A gill net ban in 1993 removed a major threat to the species. Beginning in the 1980's and 1990's these fish began reappearing in the waters of the Channel Islands and later the southern California mainland, a testament to their resiliency once protections were established.

Today divers and even snorkelers may encounter them near shore. This video includes footage of black sea bass behavior, including courtship and interactions with other species, and morphology.

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