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Using the following menu, you can learn more about Star Thrower Educational Multimedia and its founder, Dr. Bill Bushing. You must have a lot of time to kill if you're searching through this section of our site! I would guess you're somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Great Plains, Midwest, South or East Coast and it's either pouring rain or you're trapped inside by six feet of snow and ice.

This is good. It means you still believe all that P.R. the State of California (sometimes referred to as the State of Bliss) releases about the threat of earthquakes and the high cost of housing. You know, it never rains in southern California and only snows in our mountains. Jealous? Stay where you are, someone must be hardy and ensure the survival of the fittest. Besides, with modern telecommunications you can still be in touch with southern Californians like myself without having to constantly listen to our crazy philosophies, religions and weird lifetimes. We can't help it if we're cutting edge. Just remember that evolution requires experimentation- that's our role in western culture and we do it well. Diversity... or perversity? I'll leave the answer up to you

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