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Just in case you didn't see the contact information above, we'll repeat it here:

Star Thrower Educational Multimedia

Actually, the Post Office seems to get bent out of shape if you just use the address above (despite the fact that it points directly, and efficiently, to our very own post office box in the Avalon Arcade on beautiful Santa Catalina Island. To satisfy them, as well as avail yourself of other technologies such as telecommunications, please use the following:

Star Thrower Educational Multimedia
P. O. Box 849
107 Tremont Avenue
Avalon, Santa Catalina
Island, CA 90704-0849

(310) 510-THEM (510-8436)


We should probably let you know that during the summer we adhere to very special hours: we're in the office when we're in the office. There are too many temptations (SCUBA diving in the clear waters surrounding the island, taking our laptop to the beach, hiking the interior to shoot the pictures and video footage desired by our clients) for us to remain seated at our computers all day. We are generally in the office from 7:00 AM - 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM. We don't believe in cell phones since they are generally little more than a nuisance and don't work underwater anyway. During the winter there are fewer temptations so we are generally close by the office unless travel is required.

Remember, much of the world believes in similar work hours... although they use their afternoon time for a siesta instead of more vigorous activities like those we pursue. That's why STEM remains a lean, mean fighting machine ready to do your bidding as our clients (prerequisite: we get paid for treating you like royalty, even if we think you're really *@#$%... but charge tons more if you have absolutely nil, zero, zilch sense of humor).

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