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When I was in high school, my principals used to say "there's only room for one of us in this school, Bill." I guess that's why we had three different principals in four years... only I remained constant! Of course back then I wasn't Dr. Bill, just Bill. So, Star Thrower Educational Multimedia (STEM) has only one principal, too. Who wants to share the glory and pain of this consulting enterprise? Besides, if there were other principals (or even employees), I couldn't work at my computer in my bathrobe with my early morning (11:45AM) cup of coffee by my side. Besides, I'd have to share any revenue generated and it's unlikely that my partners would possess my genius and be as productive!

However, to ensure my clients receive the very best product their paltry budgets can buy, I do work with various partners who possess greater proficiency at certain skills than is available in-house. Of course I don't tell you who these strategic partners are because then you might go directly to them and cut me out completely. We wouldn't want that to happen now, would we? Remember, I grew up in Chicago where there were lots of black Cadillac limousines carrying my "friends" to school every day (along with their machine gun-toting bodyguards), and I was a classmate of Vice President Al Gore at Harvard (who probably wouldn't recognize me from a scarecrow... unless that scarecrow were Al himself and even then I'm not too sure). Suffice it to say I have casual acquaintances in high places.

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