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Dr. Bill is an avid SCUBA diver, diving kelp forests and coral reefs for research purposes and to gather footage for STEM's educational videos. He first used SCUBA in 1962 and has logged hundreds of dives around the world in the past few years alone. For his diving certifications and history click here.

Dr. Bill Bushing has traveled extensively, establishing contacts in the SCUBA and conservation communities throughout S.E. Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific to develop educational videos for distribution to regional cable TV markets. For information on his past and current travels please click here.

Marine biologist extra-ordinaire Dr. Bill is always on the lookout for interesting dive buddies, especially those who can contribute new knowledge about the marine environment, world cultures (especially their cuisine and alcoholic beverages), etc. Dr. Bill is a "no-take" diver, exiting the water with a few sea urchin spines in his hand or foot, the memories of his dive observations embedded in his brain, and (if he's very lucky) 35mm, digital or digital video images which will confirm these pre-Alzheimer's mental pictures. Other than pleasure, Dr. Bill's diving is to facilitate his research on kelp forest ecology: kelp distribution and persistence, marine reserves, and the dispersal of marine invertebrates on drift kelp.

Dr. Bill is always willing to dive Catalina Island at any time of year, but is also interested in buddies to dive the other Channel Islands and travel to regions of warmer water during the harsh winter months in southern California. His goal is to dive all eight Channel Islands, the Seven Seas and at least six of the seven continents (Antarctica currently uncertain). Areas of interest include Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, S.E. Asia, the South Pacific and Antarctica. If you are interested in diving with Dr. Bill, please email me at

What does Dr. Bill look for in a dive buddy? He generally prefers women divers since they tend to better understand the unique ecological relationships of the undersea world, and they are a heck of a lot more fun to cuddle with and keep warm with afterwards! We all know beauty is skin deep, but since Dr. Bill is such a shallow diver (and person), he does not mind diving with beautiful women. However, they must also possess incredible inner beauty (especially their gall bladders, I've always had a gall bladder fetish), and the ability to converse on a multitude of subjects at a graduate school level even while under the influence of beer, wine, ouzo or sake (after diving). Knowledge of or strong interest in marine biology, ecology and conservation issues is important. He prefers slender women of medium to tall stature. Unfortunately such women tend to dive cold and cannot endure the lengthy cold water dives that are Dr. Bill's trademark. Identical twins might be a good way to overcome that limitation since each one could do half the dive with him. Women who require glasses (such as librarians) are also a plus since while diving without their specs, they might mistake Dr. Bill for King Neptune himself rather than the mere mortal biologist that he is. Travel to remote dive locations on the spur of the moment and on a backpacker's budget are highly desirable qualities. Of course women with financial independence, and the understanding that marine biologists and independent film makers like Dr. Bill are not men of substantial means, are highly desirable! In short, Dr. Bill seeks a miracle. His extreme intelligence allows him to come to grips with the fact that he is dreaming, and in reality he is willing to dive with buddies who just enjoy the feeling of the "lightness of being" underwater... and have a good sense of humor themselves.

While diving the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand, Bill met the perfect dive companion and the divemaster of his dreams. To learn more about this vision of loveliness, click here.

Dr. Bill was testing a new digital camcorder at the Casino Dive Park on the weekend of January 20-21, 2001. He noticed the beautiful SCUBA diver (see picture below) who was diving at the Park as part of a group. Always on the lookout for dive buddies who complement the natural beauty of the underwater realm, Dr. Bill would greatly appreciate the assistance of anyone in the dive community who can identify this charming individual.

For her comfort if you know who this person is, please give her the URL of this web site so she can review it and decide for herself if she is interested in contacting yours truly. Of course, how could she not be... but I'll leave that momentous decision up to her. We will accept look-alikes if they possess the same charming smile, a deep seated love of SCUBA diving (or desire to learn), and an interest in Catalina Island, world travel, marine biology, ecology, astronomy, and/or cooking (but not expensive restaurants, fast cars, diamonds, fancy clothes or shopping- Dr. Bill is an advocate of voluntary simplicity except in the mental arena).

Help Dr. Bill Identify This Diver

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