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Instructor of My Dreams

I have been fortunate to have a number of very wonderful women as my dive buddies over the years. Although they are all great buddies and beautiful women to boot, one stands out millimeters above the rest. I'm referring to my dive buddy Andrea with whom I started diving in 2001.

Andrea is an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out. While her physical beauty is easy to recognize, it doesn't take much longer before one sees the magnificent inner beauty she possesses. One of Andrea's goals in life is to make other people feel good about themselves. She is very successful in that effort.

Andrea is an incredible diver as well as an incredible person. With her long free-diving fins and long strobe arms extending from her still camera, she reminds me of a ballet dancer under water. Not only is she graceful, but she is also well trained as an instructor. Andrea has worked professionally with both the Peter Hughes and the Aggressor fleets as a boat captain, dive instructor and photographer.

Although we have dived the waters of Catalina Island together for several years, our first dive trip together was to the Florida Keys in March of 2005. It was during this incredible trip I realized just how wonderful Andrea is. We look forward to future trips together with Costa Rica, Cuba, the Galapagos and other destinations in mind. Heck, were she willing, I might even give up my dream of meeting my Asian dive buddy and lover! What do you say, Andrea? I didn't think so... but it is a pleasant thought!

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