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Playful Pinnipeds: California Sea Lions

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"Playful Pinnipeds: California Sea Lions" is a 30-minute video featuring footage of the California sea lion, the trained "seal" of circuses and zoos, from Baja and southern California. This federally protected species was seriously threatened by early hunting of the animals to make oil from their blubber after the near extinction of the great whales, by collectors who captured them for captive display, and fishers who felt they affected their catch and livelihood.

California sea lions are beautiful and graceful underwater and love to "show us up" in terms of their swimming ability. Diving with them can be a thrilling experience, especially the juveniles who are very inquisitive and playful.

These marine mammals are incredibly interesting with complex social and mating behavior. Populations are found along the western North American coast from Vancouver Island to Mexico, in the Galapagos and a population in the Sea of Japan now believed to be extinct.

This video includes footage of these amusing animals in the waters off Santa Catalina Island and Los Islotes in the Sea of Cortez near La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. The narration discusses their natural history, exploitation and other impacts, mating behavior and other social interactions.

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