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Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis

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The "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" video series will consist of 16 to 20 thirty minute educational video programs on various aspects of kelp forest ecology, as well as videos on the marine ecology of other bioregions including the Sea of Cortez, Belize-Honduras, SE Asia and the South Pacific. The kelp forest video series is based on underwater footage acquired by Dr. Bill Bushing over the course of more than 1,000 dives in southern California waters.

The first commercial product includes footage from Catalina's world famous Casino Point Dive Park and other SoCal sites and is titled "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis." This DVD focuses on the principal activities of all species: feeding, avoiding being eaten and reproduction. It is intended to give divers, especially in OW and AOW courses visiting the Dive Park, an idea of what can be seen there if one takes some time to stop and smell the rose anemones. Non-divers also enjoy this look into the underwater world off Catalina and enjoy "diving dry" with Dr. Bill. Insomniacs from both groups find it an excellent cure for their malady.

This one hour video includes footage of male sheephead fighting, the feeding patterns of many different fish and invertebrates, cleaning behavior, how animals defend against being "munched" by predators, and the courtship and/or mating of species including the black sea bass, sheep crabs mating, surfperch. etc. Despite its PG rating, it has all the sex and violence you've come to expect from this master of underwater videography.

Of course we all know such a product is "priceless" (whether you use MasterCard or not). The retail price of this DVD is $60... er, $50... ah, $40... OK, maybe just a measely $25 in hard cold cash, coin of the realm. Postage via first class mail is $2.50. Other options include USPS Priority Mail. State sales tax of $2.56 (10.25%) is required if shipped to a California address. My DVDs may be ordered on-line using PAYPAL with payments made to my account, bushing@post.harvard.edu. Be sure to include shipping and California state sales tax (if applicable), your mailing address and the name of the specific DVD or DVDs you are ordering. Payments made via credit or debit card on Paypal are subject to an additional charge of $2.00 due to Paypal fees. You may also send a personal check to Dr. Bill Bushing, P. O. Box 849, Avalon, CA 90704.

Note: these videos are produced on DVD-R media which is playable on most home DVD players. Verify that your player can play this format before purchase.

Caution: due to the explicit "sexual" nature of the mating section on this DVD, some may consider it PG- rather than G-rated. It is recommended that adults view the entire DVD prior to showing it to children under the age of 40 or over the age of 80.

The following comments were made by divers who have viewed this DVD with a live narration by Dr. Bill Bushing at dive club or Dive Con meetings:

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