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The Night Shift and Plankton

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This DVD contains three 22-minute episodes in the "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis" series.

The first two episodes (The Night Shift, Parts 1 and 2) take a look at the "night life" of Catalina Island's Casino Point Dive Park with respect to "munching" and "mating." Although few marine species seem to favor the cover of darkness for their romantic interludes, there is plenty going on in the food chain with morays and kelp bass going after blacksmith and kelp surfperch. Some daytime species sleep at night, and others come out to seek sustenance.

The episode on Plankton takes a look at groups of organisms that are rarely seen by most humans. The important roles plankton play in providing "munchies" for marine food webs, atmospheric oxygen and in moderating Earth's climate are explored.

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