Dive Dry with Dr. Bill

Damsels of Southern California

Available October 1, 2010

Southern California's temperate kelp forests are not ideal habitat for the generally subtropical and tropical damsel fish family. However, its waters are home to two species with very different lifestyles and ecological roles. This DVD includes three 22-minute episodes.

The garibaldi, California's state salt water fish, is symbolic of giant kelp forests in the southern part of the state. This highly territorial fish exhibits a wide range of interesting behavior, including its courtship and mating rituals. The first episode covers this species' classification, habitat preferences, geographic distribution and ecology. The second episode details their courtship and mating as well their development.

The blacksmith is a gregarious species that swims in huge schools and feeds mostly on plankton. This episode looks at their taxonomy, ecological preferences, reproduction and natural history. Due to their large numbers, they play a significant role in kelp forest communities in terms of energy and nutrient cycling.

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