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Surfperch of Southern California

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This DVD contains three 22-minute episodes in the "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis" series. It covers some of the most common species in the surfperch family Embiotocidae found in southern California. This fish family is endemic to the West Coast of North America, and is found nowhere else in the world.

The surfperch are an interesting group that is somewhat unique in that its members give live birth to their young, rather than laying their fertilized eggs on the bottom or releasing them to drift with the currents. This fact affects their ability to disperse and therefore gene flow between isolated populations and the possibly of evolving into different species. Courtship in this group often involves unique "dances." In addition, they differ in how they feed with some utilizing "winnowing" to suck in and separate food in the mouth cavity while others selectively pick at prey.

The first episode includes a general introduction to the group, then focuses on the walleye and pile surfperch. The second episode covers the shiner, kelp and white surfperch. The third episode looks at the black perch and rubberlip seaperch.

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