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Calimari Concupiscence: Mating Squid

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"Calimari Concupiscence: Mating Squid" is a 30-minute video featuring footage of the market squid which enter shallow waters off California in order to mate, lay eggs and die each winter. These free-swimming molluscs have the same well-developed nervous system and interesting behavior of their relatives, the octopusses. Because of this, they make interesting subjects as they live out their short, one year life history in our waters.

Market squid are also the most important fishery in California, both in terms of tonnage landed and in economic value. They are an important food source for many species including gamefish like the white sea bass, and our recovering populations of giant sea bass. Their economic and ecological significance makes them very important for the State to manage properly to ensure both the fishery and the ecosystems which depend on them remain healthy.

This video includes footage of market squid spawning groups as they form, mating behavior, the extensive carpets of egg masses they lay on the bottom, their death following mating, and the species which feed on them and their eggs.

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