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Macrocystis pyrifera or Giant Kelp DVD

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This Dive Dry with Dr. Bill video focuses on Macrocystis pyrifera or giant kelp which forms the incredible forests off the southern California coast. It consists of three separate 22 minute episodes, each focusing on a different aspect of giant kelp. These are also episodes in Dr. Bill's proposed cable TV series "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis." The first episode outlines its morphology, classification, distribution and physical limiting factors that affect its growth, reproduction, dispersal and geographic range.

The second episode looks at giant kelp's growth, unique reproductive strategy involving two markedly different generations, its role as habitat for over 1,000 other species, its role in energy fixation and as food, and the ecological factors involved in disturbance of existing forests.

Episode three investigates its commercial uses including how giant kelp helped win World War I, the harvest of kelp, common household products manufactured using kelp derivatives such as algin, and several scientific studies including kelp as a dispersal mechanism for invertebrates, mapping giant kelp through remote sensing and a geographic information system (GIS), and using it to help identify sites for marine reserves.

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