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Dive Club Presentations

Dr. Bill Bushing also gives talks to dive clubs and other organizations using his underwater video or scientific research to illustrate topics of interest in the marine world. Current talks include:

  • "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis"
  • "Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island"
  • "Gentle Giants: Black Sea Bass"
  • "Concupiscent Calimari: Mating Market Squid"
  • "Playful Pinnipeds: California Sea Lions"
  • "Belize It or Not"
  • "Common Fish of SoCal"
  • "Common Marine Invertebrates of SoCal"
  • "Common Invertebrates of the Sea of Cortez"
  • "Common Fish of the Sea of Cortez"
  • the use of satellite remote sensing and GIS to study giant kelp
  • Diving Farnsworth Bank
  • Diving San Miguel Island
  • "Munching in the Macrocystis: The Night Shift"
  • What, Me Worry... Sharks?
  • Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis, II"

Talks in preparation include:

  • "Diving Ship Rock"
  • "Diving Casino Point"
  • "Sharks and Rays of Southern California"
  • "Marine Mammals of Southern California"
  • "Deep Ecology" about the marine life below recreational dive depths in SoCal

His location on Catalina Island requires a minimum of an overnight stay on the mainland for such talks, cutting short his work schedule by about one day. In lieu of this, Dr. Bill requests that his round-trip boat and gasoline expenses (about $50 total) be reimbursed. This assumes he is able to stay with one of his dive buddies or other friends nearby.

Dr. Bill has given or is scheduled to give presentations to the following dive clubs and organizations:

The following comments were made by divers who attended presentations by Dr. Bill:

  • "[Dr. Bill] was a huge hit! [His presentation] was very informative, well put together and everyone totally enjoyed his presentation. We can't wait to have him return next year. [To] anyone looking for a guest speaker I would highly recommend Dr. Bill." - K.M. and A.M., SSI Dive Con

  • "[Dr. Bill] was amazing! One of (if not the) most well-received speakers we've had. A group of us who were there to hear him actually spent this past weekend diving in Avalon. His presentations were one of the main topics of conversation, especially as we saw some of the creatures and behaviors he pointed out in the videos he showed. I can't wait for him to come back and do another lecture on the other topics he presents on. He truly is one of our great diving resources here in So Cal! - Stacy Friedow, Shark Bait Dive Club

  • "Great presentation. It's really fantastic to see this sort of footage for local diving." - Anastasia Laity, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "I was blown away by [Dr. Bill's] presentation. I personally enjoyed the behavior segments because I've never seen these things before, and they taught me more about the behavior of these species." - Mark Kampe, PADI instructor, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "Dr. Bill's video... was amazing! I never knew some of the behaviors of commonly seen animals... The footage he had was some of the best representation of our local marine life I've seen!" Kaz Aizawa, President, Sole Searcher's Dive Club

  • "We really enjoyed Dr. Bills presentation. Kudos to Ian for getting such a great speaker! " Randy, Dive Animals

  • "What an interesting talk! Answered some of my questions about things I have been wondering about that I have seen in the past. " Gayle, Dive Animals

  • "Dr Bill's presentation was entertaining an inspiring. His amazing videos from Casino Point motivate me to get out and observe all the bizarre animal behavior happening right under our noses. " Tim, Dive Animals

  • "Great company as always and a very interesting speaker: there are just so many behaviors we never witnessed and Dr Bill has them all in his video. I guess that's what you get when you spend hours underwater almost every day! " Remi, Dive Animals

  • "Dr. Bill's presentation was inspiring, enlightening, and gave a new slant to videography u/w" Bill, Dive Animals

  • "Dr Bill was not only an expert in his field but a comedian as well" Sue, Power SCUBA

  • "Big thanks to Dr. Bill for answering my long standing questions of who eats whom, why Garibaldi nests are sometimes yellow, and why some giant seabass have spiky faces." Tiffany, Power SCUBA

This page last updated June 11, 2013

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