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Digital Image and Stock Video
Rate Sheet

USE Rate per image (one-time use)
Internet use - non-profit, educational $30.00
Internet use- commercial, industrial and other for-profit $50.00
Publication- brochures, books, etc. negotiated based on use, size

Images for Internet use provided at resolutions up to 720x480 depending on image origin. Any STEM images published on Internet sites must include STEM watermark (see image below) and/or copyright notice unless full rights have been negotiated.

Image with Star Thrower watermark (lower right)

Research rates for image materials $50.00 per hour (one hour minimum). Image scanning, editing and other production work charged at $35.00 per hour (one hour minimum).

Where multiple images greater than 10 are required, rates may be negotiated.

USE Broadcast
(per sec)
(per sec)
Project Minimum
Internet (320x240 resolution) --- $30.00 $300.00
Television- Educational (PBS, etc.) $25.00 --- $250.00
Television- Cable $35.00 --- $350.00
Television- Local/Regional $40.00 --- $400.00
Television- National $50.00 --- $500.00
Video- Industrial/Training/Home --- $25.00 $500.00
Film- Feature $100.00 --- $1,000.00
Commercial- Local $50.00 --- $500.00
Commercial- Regional $100.00 --- $1,000.00
Commercial- National $150.00 --- $1,500.00
Rates above include one-time project-based rights only. Credit to be given to Star Thrower Educational Multimedia with copyright notice (except where copyright is purchased from STEM)

Research rates $50 per hour (minimum two hours). Editing rates $75 per hour (minimum two hours). Preview footage available on VHS videotape or CD-ROM with watermark or timecode for $25 plus research.

Complete video series ("Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" or "Munching and Mating in the Macrocystis") and individual titles available for licensing by local and regional cable TV providers as well as local, regional and national broadcasters (see link)
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