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Dr. Bill Bushing and STEM currently produce a series of short subject (5-30 minute) educational videos on the natural history and ecology of Santa Catalina Island's marine and land environments. Through a cooperative agreement with Jean-Michel Cousteau Productions, segments of their SeaScope video series have been repackaged. In conjunction with the Catalina Island Museum, videos on the island's social history are also produced. Currently nearly 20 videos are broadcast on Catalina Cable TV in two dedicated time slots, giving an opportunity to get local audience reaction to the videos.

Once a series of 20-22 videos (one for each week day of the month) has been produced and tested on Catalina's local cable system, they will be marketed to regional cable TV operators in southern California. Catalina has great appeal to people in this region. Since each cable operator has an exclusive market, these products can potentially be licensed to every cable operator for a monthly licensing/programming. Fees would be either flat (based on the number of videos), or scaled based upon the number of subscribers.

Once this distribution network is established, STEM will develop additional product lines. One will be a series of nature travelogues to different parts of southern California highlighting each region's ecological systems. This series would broaden the audience appeal by including footage from other regional environments such as the desert and the mountains.

Another is a series of educational videos on marine ecology and conservation issues, and scientific research into these areas. These products will utilize footage shot by underwater videographers around the world. In exchange for use of their footage, STEM will offer wider exposure to their work in southern California where movie and TV production is a major industry.

Southern California has a large SCUBA diving community which travels to warm water sites especially during the winter months. An additional product line involves short travelogues highlighting dive locations and SCUBA shop/charter boat operators in such regions to this potential market.

Thus several distinct program categories will be developed:
  1. Santa Catalina Island natural history
  2. Santa Catalina Island social history
  3. Southern California regional ecosystems
  4. Marine ecology and conservation issues
  5. Scientific research on marine issues
  6. SCUBA diving travelogues

Each category can be marketed and licensed as a distinct programming segment with cable operators. Eventually other venues such as satellite TV operators, NOVA, Discovery Channel, cruise ship lines, etc., may be approached.

Due to the educational nature of this activity, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to education and scientific research may be formed. Foundations have expressed interest in donating seed money to get this started due to the capital needs and development time. Once underway, the monthly licensing fees from the cable operators would help fund on-going work. For the Catalina videos, island businesses will be approached about sponsorship. For the SCUBA and other travelogues, the businesses and cities involved may also fund the production if they don't participate in other ways such as providing raw video footage. An Internet-based stock video footage and still image site marketing visuals from this endeavor will also be considered as an additional funding source.

The upcoming trip to S.E. Asia, Australia and the South Pacific will be to establish contacts within the SCUBA, conservation and scientific communities of those regions. This concept will be discussed and potential locations, subject areas and sources of video footage will be identified. Dr. Bushing will also be documenting this trip in still images and video to create stock imagery. Upon Dr. Bushing's return to southern California, he will follow-up with those contacted, develop new products and contact the potential markets identified above.

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